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Erchitu [erkìtu] is an old hybrid zoomorphic demon. His main characteristic is the voice, for the name Erchitu comes from ùrulu malu: “sinister bellow”. A man turns into Erchitu at nighttime only as a result of a divine punishment, to expiate a serious sin. This mystical creature goes through the town, accompanied by a crowd of devils. “Ispirots, animas malas,” he bellows, announcing disasters, and all the people can hear him. Through a transformation known as the imbrossinadura, Erchitu turns into a human being again, rolling over three different holy places’ ground.

The metamorphosis, the bellow and the ageing are his signature elements.

Erchitu is an electro-acoustic solo performance inspired by a need for independence and unconventional expression. The solo is based on three phases, through which listeners can access a mystical world, a cathartic ritual, like the imbrossinadura that turns us into human beings again.