Percussionist, drummer, timbre researcher, improviser, performer.
Started studying the instrument by himself and than undertakes further studies with several drummers including Michele Rabbia, Cristiano Calcagnile, Eddie Prevost etc…

From 2010 starts his personal timbre/musical research relative to conventional percussions, objects and recycled materials expanding his percussive set and “preparing” it.
In the same year he begins the study of “Jazz and Harmony” with Gianfranco Fedele.
In 2011 begins the “Permanent Laboratories for Musical Research” under the supervision of Stefano Battaglia at Siena Jazz.
He is an active musician and performer in theatrical scene accompanying actors, dancers and readers.

He played with several bands and musicians during the years such as Mauro Sigura Quartet, Miles Cooper Seaton trio, Any Other, Sunsweet Blues Revenge, Moti Mo, Stun, Snake Platform, Undisco Kidd, Nick Rivera.

He also collaborated with Kid Millions (Oneida), Miles Cooper Stanton (Akron/Family), Boredoms, John Drain, Erik Truffaz, Gavino Murgia, Mauro Sigura, Enzo Favata, Marcello Peghin, Salvatore Maiore, Luca Aquino, Javier Girotto, Filippo Vignato, Pasquale Mirra, Dudù Kouate (Art Esemble of Chicago), Marco Panattoni, Shain Moitia (Ex Models), Diagrams (Sam Genders Tunng project), Simon Francis (Ellie Goulding), Geoff Barrow (Portished), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Sikarnt Skoolisariaporn, Oliver Darling (Imelda May), Tobia Poltronieri, Peter Zummo (Lounge Lizards), Andrea Belfi, Charles Hayward (This Heat, Gong).