CAU / FEDELE _ duo

Cau-Fedele_duophoto by Marta Loddo

The duo formed by Gianfranco Fedele and Alessandro Cau is a musical project mainly based on improvisation, that mixes various materials in a creative way and aims to evoke soundscapes, through the coexistence of two complementary musical approaches: the percussive/timbric a n d t h e harmonic/melodic, which allow an interchange with each other.

Globally, a sophisticated musical research creates a full colour palette, with delicate nuances and strong contrasts.
The musical conception of this duo is especially based, on one hand, on the concepts of “tabula rasa” and “musical parameters” proposed by Stefano Battaglia in his workshops in Siena, and on the other hand, on the concepts of “musical objects” and “emerging qualities”of the Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen. Not to omit the heritage of Afroamerican and European musical history, to the avantgarde of the twentieth century.

Chains, cowbells, teapots, jalopies and many more objects (some of these made for the occasion), are placed side by side to traditional instruments.
Finally, a reasonable use of technological means, almost exclusively based on real-time digital elaborations of signals of acoustic origin.

Gianfranco Fedele – piano, live electronics
Alessandro Cau – prepared percussions, live electronics